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Semifinalists 4x4 KIDS 2021


Semifinalists to participate in the first edition of the 4X4 KIDS 2021 Choreography Contest, an event aimed at  young talents derived from the traditional contest organized for 10 years by the Lux Boreal dance company in collaboration with the Tijuana Cultural Center.


After carrying out a detailed analysis of each of the proposals according to the selection criteria, the committee made up of Lux Boreal announces the proposals selected to compete in the first edition of the 4X4 KIDS 2021 Choreography Contest, to be held at the Cultural Center Tijuana this next 10  and December 11.  


The call was answered with a display of versatility, creativity and talent where the contestant choreographies  They manage to integrate the challenge of the space that gives the contest its name.  This edition is made up of representatives from the cities of Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali and very soon we will be able to see them on stage in the framework of a meeting that promises exchange, healthy competition and a high level of artistic performance of girls, boys and adolescents who they cultivate their talent and passion for dance.


Lux Boreal appreciates the interest of all the applicants who responded to the call, the semifinalists will be contacted to follow up on their participation in this stage.


Semifinalists 4x4 KIDS 2021:

KIDS category:  

  • no child's play  - Enrique Soto -  dance you

  • Dawn  -  Shantel Mora  -  Sylvia College of Dance

  • Do not run away!  -  Jose Luis Sanchez  -  Leon Theater

  • still-life  -  Alexandra Naranjo  -  Ballet Irma

  • Against the clock  -  Ricardo Zavala  -  Ricardo Zavala Dance Forum

TEENS category:  

  • 12:34  -   Ricardo Zavala  -  Ricardo Zavala Dance Forum

  • Minerva's Tears  -  Jose Luis Sanchez  -  Sylvia College of Dance

  • Error 403  -  Enrique Soto  -  Ballet Irma

  • Dark Witches  -  Valeria Gonzalez  -  Ricardo Zavala Dance Forum

  • Just a Girl & Sax  -  Paolah Andrea Gutierrez  -  Pavlova Beaches Dance School

  • 1+1  -  Ricardo ZavalaRicardo  -  Zavala Dance Forum

  • A Resilient Sea  -  Claudia Mendoza and Vanessa Garcia  -  Connect EM Art

  • Fall  -  Raymundo Martinez  -  Ceart Tecate Dance Workshop

  • trapped  -  Valeria Gonzalez  -  Ricardo Zavala Dance Forum

  • And what happened?  -  Ahuanda Sanhua  -  Sylvia College of Dance

We are waiting for you in the exciting first edition of this new version of the acclaimed contest this coming Friday, December 10 and Saturday, December 11 at the Tijuana Cultural Center.

Semifinal – Friday December 10 5 PM
Grand Final – Saturday December 11 3 PM


All the activities of Lux Boreal are supported by the System of Supports to the

Creation and Cultural Projects of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts

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