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Ancla 1

1st Night de 
Tuesday April 26
8 p.m.

I do not know how to start- Zero zone- Culiacan

Choreography: Jorge Salazar

I don't think there is really a right direction to go, what I am sure of is that to find answers I must first look within...


Rosa Alejandra Gutiérrez Sedano, Marisol Álvarez Soto y Jorge Luis Salazar Torres

Music: Marisol Alvarez

Costume design: Ana Barraza

Undrowned-Another River Interdisciplinary Ensemble -Cedar City, UT

Choreography: Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre

The characters are Eros and Psyche. This duet is the moment in which Psyche, through the influence of her sisters, saw the face of Eros and the two are about to accept the consequences of Psyche's betrayal.

Performers: Sarah Hall y james müller

Music: Laurie Anderson from the album Landfall (2018), tracks: Everything is Floating, Gongs and Bells and The Electricity Goes out and We Move to a Hotel.

absurd dances- Encontra2 Contemporary Dancemexicali

Choreography: Alma Giselle Martínez Romo

Absurd Dances is a research process derived from contingency and the confinement that comes with it. We start from the absurd,  based on the search for a form, language and expression where the everyday does not exist, but rather a range of opportunities within a world that is falling apart, observed through the glasses of despair

Performers: Marco Tulio Uriarte de la Garza y Alma Giselle Martinez Romo

Music: Bass bottom

Silver Ninxes- Soma Collectivemexicali

Choreography: Erkah (Ana Sofía Gómez Michel López)

Niñxs de plata tells the story of two brothers living on the streets who are dedicated to entertaining at traffic lights to get money and survive the day.

This life is not easy at all; We will see these two people fight against their fears and despair, and even so,  we will be able to appreciate the deep love they have for each other.

Performers: Fernando Avelar Orozco y Ana Sofia Gomez Michel Lopez

Music: Oscar David ( IG: @odosmo)

Splash Danz Enginesa - CDMX

Choreography: Gabriela Hernández Cárdenas

SPLASH is a proposal inspired by the whole experience around a day that could seem like an everyday summer enjoying the water. Play with the imagination of the small details behind the great purpose that is  to "dominate" the water.  SPLASH plays with the real choreographic elements that surround the experience in a pool  or on the beach, the aesthetics and geometry that it entails.

Performers: Gabriela Hernández Cárdenas and  Elisa Romero Ramirez

Music: Aristotle Benitez Vallejo (Ari Noise)

Memories of the skin - Beings Dance- Juarez City

Choreography: Andrea Salazar, Alejandro Villalobos and Andre Saucedo

The simplicity of a touch is something that resonates in the memory, touch creates echoes on the skin that are repeated over and over again throughout our lives, memories that mark us, that are accompanied by some form of contact, leave traces in memory of. different memories of different experiences, different people, different skins, make up the mosaic of our lives.

Performers: Andrea Salazar Fierro y Alejandro Villalobos Favela

Music: Project AER, viv

Text: Paola Ornelas

The Lost BattlesnomadanceCDMX

Choreography: Irene Fernández and Victor Rodriguez

Succumbed to the congenital dialectic of decision, we human beings weave the possibilities of our lives in private, thus far from the noise of external silence and submerged in our own being, there is no other choice but to face immediate reality, our emotions.

Performers: Irene Fernandez y Victor Rodriguez

Music: Murcoff


2nd night of 
Wednesday, April 27
8 p.m.

return of saturn- Dancer's EnsembleTijuana

Choreography: Rafael Ibañez


Saturn-Cronos, god of Time, titan devourer of men.

Time devours its children.

Time limits, organizes, structures.

Time judges.

Saturn symbolizes those forces that castrate: routine, daily life, work, obligation, the monotonous rhythm of a clock that takes life away second by second.

Saturn has returned to remind us that "time PASSES, WEIGHS AND TREADS"

Performers:  Victoria Felix Mendoza, Rafael Ibañez Garay y Karla Margarita Nunez Espinoza

Music: Senojnayr, JF Blais, Felix Thorn.

Mutiny StabilityMOC/PlatformCDMX

Choreography: Patrick Trigoso

Montín estabilidad is a choreographic exercise taken to abstraction around being on a ship that is on the brink of shipwreck.

The crew are at the mercy of external forces to later become them, as well as the chaos and despair of dying.


Patrick Fabrizio Trigoso Murillo, Guillermo Magallón Armenta y Ana Paula Oropeza Lopez

Music: Skizofrenik-Plastikman, Richie Hawtin

On earth- Entrance pulse- Pachuca

Choreography: Isai Misael Quintero Rodríguez

This choreography arises with a guided movement investigation, the main premise is 'the soles of the feet as the only part of the body in contact with the surface'. The other motivators are inspired by elements of our planet earth brought to the body's imagination (terrestrial atmosphere, thickness, temperature, oxygen, water, a solid and active surface).


Junuette Zúñiga Sánchez y Jenifer Olvera Flores 

Special thanks to the Casa Fontana Cultural Center, for providing us with the space for rehearsals.

DicesChronic art-leisure/On-Dance radio/Collective ToyXalapa

Choreography: Luis Vallejo (Termy)

Millions of stories that inhabit 3 bodies, differences that come together in a small place,  warm but dangerous, proximity triggers communication, the faces of the dice trigger actions, time and personal experiences.

Which side of the dice do you want to inhabit?....


Jose Luis Gonzales Vallejo (Termy), Braulio Escamilla Quintoz y Jorge Francisco Cordoba Moctezuma (Jorgito Cordoba)

Sceno-tectical support: Esther Landa

Visuals: Eduardo Carrera

Special thanks to Katari Espacio Cafe Cultural

jaras- Jacaranda CollectiveXalapa

Choreography: Marilyn Delfín, Paloma Pintle, Maritrini García and Karla Cabrera

Veracruz, land of light and joy where poetry abounds in trova, bolero and son. A journey that leads the viewer's imagination to immerse themselves, through four bodies, in the Veracruz culture through aromas, colors, sounds and movement that characterize the cultural richness of our country.

"...four moments in which the day

dance to the rhythm of the sones".

Performers: Maritrini García Flores, Marilyn Rangel Delfin, Karla Ailyn Hernández Cabrera y Nidia Paloma Pintle Hernandez

Music: Uriel Alejandro Ramirez Flores

satori- Pachyderm Dance- CDMX

Choreography: Guillermo Magallón Armenta

The staging arises from the connection of two conscious bodies, generating a synchrony of gears that lead to an ineffable visceral effect. The intimacy of the space leads these beings to connect kinesthetically, making an aesthetic and authentic show.


Guillermo Magallón Armenta y Maria Alejandra Corona Perez

Music: Violin concerto: ll. -adele antonhy,  Composer: Philip Glass

Shifting Fictions- Circle Space- Tijuana/CDMX

Choreography: Gaby Amaro and Silvia Abril Guillén

It seems like a dream... not having to be trapped in a body of expectations, roles to fulfill, controlled behaviors... to say yes.


Silvia Abril Guillén López y Gabriela Iraís  Amaro Salgado

Music: Gidge, Max Cooper, Tom Hedge, Kathrin deBoer, Christian Löffler

Original Text and Voice: Cynthia Barrientos

war times- Refracts Stage ActXalapa

Choreography: Flavio Aarón Romero Barranco

War Times is a contemporary dance work that seeks to raise awareness

viewer about the important need to build community, to generate ties

as a society to cope with the complicated times that we live day by day. We address issues of social impact by creating clear metaphors and analogies between the

war conflict and social conflicts.


Isabel de Jesús Hernández Martínez, Jaqueline Cázares Betanzos, Alma Guadalupe Fernández Peralta y Juan Pablo Gallo Fernandez

Music: Ennio Morricone - Rabbia Tarantella,  Rene Aubri - Now


Grand finale
Friday April 29
7 p.m.

Access to the semi-finals is free.

Tickets to Grand Final at the Tijuana Cultural Center are 200 pesos. Tickets at the CECUT Box Office. 

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