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Free adaptation of Sophocles' play Oedipus Rex

Oedipus son of kings flees from Corinth looking for the truth of his origin, on the way he faces the feared Sphinx defeating her with his intelligence and is crowned king of Thebes, his reign extends until the plague hits his people. Oedipus consults the oracle who predicts that for the epidemic to stop, he has to solve the mystery of the death of the previous king (Laius) and expel the murderer, Oedipus begins the investigations without knowing that the search for the truth will lead him to discover the trap that was prepared for him from his birth.

Dance show - contemporary theater

Type of public: Teenagers and adults

City of origin: Tijuana BC, Mexico.


Lux Boreal Contemporary Dance Company

Artistic Direction of the company : Henry Torres / Ángel Arámbula

Choreography and direction: Andrea Rivera

Libretto on the text by Jean Cocteau for Igor Stravinsky's opera - oratorio Oedipus Rex.


Music: Lhasa de Sela, Oaxaca Mixe Band, Moses Concas, Anahlí Cerrillo, Addu.nord, Antropik


Duration: 60 min (1 single act)


Dancers/performers on stage: 9


Technical support team traveling with the company: 2​​

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