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Borealis Circle is a  group made up of friends and people  very close to the company, who through their financial and in-kind contributions support the development of activities and the achievement of Lux Boreal's mission.

Boreal Circle 2023

Ancla 1

Carina Valladolid

Sylvia Fernanda Ochoa

Anette Prado

Héctor Santillán

Karín Astiazarán

Benjamin Ayala

María del Mar Castro

Gema Rodríguez

Yenny Beltrán

Edna M. Pérez

Edgar Mario Dorantes

Tanya Melendez

Tammy Mizrachi

Mariano Tonatiuh Rodriguez

Guillermo Manzo

Javier  Ramirez

africa lemon

Maria Amalia Hussong

Ana Laura Martinez

javier gonzalez

Felix Mestas

James Tarbox

Caroline Valencia

Karina Paz Kennedy

Marilu Calderon

javier heredia

Emiliano Gonzalez

Maria Ramirez Servin

Arantxa Barajas Lopez

Daniela Solis

elena solis

Stephy Mayers

Gina Martin Dance

Permanent Polar Circle Members:

George and Kate Willies

Víctor Alvarado / DANCE MED

Banquetes Sandoval / Alma Sandoval y Fam.

Berenice Barba Producciones Badú

Isabel Dueñas Producciones Badú

Gabriel López Ochoa

Nictehá Escobosa

Marlene Solis

Thank you so much for making art possible!




Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture

State Center for the Arts

National Pedagogical University

XXIII City Council of Tijuana

Secretary of Culture BC

National Fund for Culture and the Arts

All the activities of the Lux Boreal company and its platforms have the support of important sponsors such as the Mexican Ministry of Culture through the Mexico on Stage program.

The creation and training activities have the support of the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Tijuana through the facilities of the Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana where the company has its headquarters.

Lux Boreal's educational platform is supported by the  Secretary of Culture of the  State of Baja California through the facilities of the Tijuana State Center for the Arts.

Lux Boreal has the support of the National Pedagogical University through the strategic alliance that supports the academic program at the  Diploma that is taught through the Center for Dance and Scenic Production of Baja California.

The 4x4 TJ Night platform has the support of the Tijuana Cultural Center for the celebration of the National Choreography Contest.

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