Members of Lux Boreal

SQ ANG 1.png

Angel  arambula

General Director / Choreographer / Dancer / Teacher 

SQ HEN.png

henry torres white

Art director  / Choreographer / Dancer / Teacher

SQ PAM.png

Pamela  macias

Choreographer / Dancer  / Teacher

SQ RAU.png

raul navarro

Choreographer / Dancer / Teacher

SQ MAT.png

matthew armstrong

Choreographer / Dancer / Teacher

SQ ILSE 2.png

ilse meza

choreographer  / Dancer / Teacher

SQ MEL.png

melissa padilla

choreographer  / Dancer / Teacher

SQ MAR.png

Maribel Durazo

Public relations

CDPEBC Academic Coordination

SQ JAQ.png

jacquelyn perez

Technical Coordination and Administration

patricia pacheco

Treasury and Finance

Resident Collaborators 2020

efrain marquez

raul osuna

gabriela amaro