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Semifinalists 4x4 KIDS 2023


Semifinalists to participate in the second edition of the 4X4 KIDS 2023 Choreography Contest, an event aimed at young talents derived from the traditional competition organized for 12 years by the Lux Boreal dance company in collaboration with Centro Cultural Tijuana.

After carrying out a detailed analysis of each of the proposals in accordance with the selection criteria, the committee made up of Lux Boreal announces the proposals selected to compete in the first edition of the 4X4 KIDS 2023 Choreography Contest, to be held at the Cultural Center Tijuana on November 23 and 24.

Thirs call was attended with a wide spectrum of versatility, creativity and talent where the competing choreographies managed to integrate the challenge of the space that gives the contest its name.

This edition is made up of representatives of dance from our region and very soon we will be able to see them on stage in the framework of a meeting that promises exchange, healthy competition and a high level of artistic performance of girls, boys and adolescents who cultivate their talent and passion for dance.

Lux Boreal appreciates the interest of all the candidates who responded to the call, the semi-finalists will be contacted to follow up on their participation in this stage.


Semifinalists 4x4 KIDS 2023:

YOUTH (JUVENIL) category:  

  • Vals de la lluvia - Rachel Dobal - Colegio de Danza Sylvia

  • El Valor de la Amistad - Alejandra Naranjo - Ballet Irma

  • Tenistas - Andrea Rivera  - La Central Dance Studio

  • Inés-Perada - Alma Giselle Martínez - Danspot y Encontra2 Ensamble

  • Muñeca Fea - Anna Fernanda Medina - Colegio de Danza Sylvia

JUNIOR category:  

  • El Altar - Alejandra Naranjo - Ballet Irma

  • Missed Calls - Anna Fernanda Medina y Sarai Perez - Colegio de Danza Sylvia

  • Sonido a mar #1 - Alma Giselle Martínez - Danspot y Encontra2 Ensamble

  • A Million Dreams - Alejandra Naranjo - Ballet Teletón / Ballet Irma

  • Lost - Fernanda Álvarez - Fade Dance School

  • Teenagers - Anna Fernanda Medina - Colegio de danza Sylvia 

  • Closing - Alejandra Ramírez - Fade Dance School

We are waiting for you in the exciting second edition of this new version of the acclaimed contest this coming Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24 at the Cubo del Centro Cultural Tijuana.

Semifinal – Thursday, November 23, 5 PM
Grand Final – Friday, November 24, 5 PM (Tickets 250 mx)


All the activities of Lux Boreal are supported by the System of Supports to the

Creation and Cultural Projects of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts

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