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With the aim of establishing solid forums for dance in Mexico, the US and other countries, we took on the task of creating a space that would promote the new generations of creators and dancers in contemporary dance, a forum for  expose their choreographic ideas in an environment where scenic dialogue is encouraged through dance and analysis.

Joining efforts with the Institute of Culture of Baja California and the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture, as well as with other public and private sector organizations,  This project was born in 2009, which over 5 years has been transforming and adapting to contribute, not only to the exposure of creators and performers, but also to the creation and training of audiences for dance.

in the last  edition  six proposals by young creators and performers from Mazatlan, Morelia, Oaxaca, New York and Tijuana participated, all with a very particular construction where the common point is reflected in the need to communicate through codes of own language.

In parallel, the creators develop a choreography to intervene in urban spaces in the center of the city of Tijuana; the result of this process can be seen in an itinerant tour of the different specific sites of each piece.

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